Richard Blessing

po_Blessing-RichardRichard Biessing, Professor of English at the University of Washington, born in Pennsylvania on September 11, 1939. Blessing was educated at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York where he also won football All-America honors as a quarterback.

In addition to poetry. he has published a number of articles and two books of criticism, Wallace Stevens’ ”Whole Harmonium“ (Syracuse University Press, 1970) and Theodore Roethke’s Dynamic Vision (Indiana University Press. 1974).

Richard Blessing

This is your last house. How sad you are.
You have pressed out fresh to hang in the closet,
stored your good hours in an air-tight vault.
Which room will gouge the last glass of your eyes?
Will you tumble like a pie tin to the kitchen linoleum?
Be found in the nude above the bathroom pool?
Maybe the den will smother you with flushed paper roses
or the stairs to your room will walk up your heart.
The bed you have dreamed on has been measuring your shadow.
It is sad when children laugh under windows, when trees on the lawn
bloom ruddy as lions.
It is sad to have come to the last house and know it.
The carpet will deepen like a pond filled with lilies
or your chair will drop you like a hangman’s trap.
What does it matter? You walk in and walk in and you never walk out.