Richard Blessing

po_Blessing-Richard1Richard Blessing, Professor of English at the University of Washington, born in Pennsylvania on September 11, 1939. Blessing was educated at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York where he also won football All-America honors as a quarterback.

In addition to poetry. he has published a number of articles and two books of criticism, Wallace Stevens’ ”Whole Harmonium“ (Syracuse University Press, 1970) and Theodore Roethke’s Dynamic Vision (Indiana University Press. 1974).

Richard Blessing

The raven lands in a book
of shadows. The ice tree,
the flower tree, are one
to him. He feeds on shadow
and shadow grows back.
The nest he builds is a nest
of shadow. It is dark
and he wants it darker.
He turns his head inside
himself and likes it there.
It is a secret too dark
for the bright snowy owl.
Raven folds feathers outside
in, night-lands in a tree
of black ice and flowers.
Someone is thumbing pages
to find him. The glare
is blinding on morning snow.